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Serving You Dance Community Realness Since 2003.
— Created by Elmboogie


As a physical extension of -
YOUR online dance community connection (re-launching soon), The Boogiezone Community Class adopts and promotes an atmosphere focused on positivity and inspiration.  Its unique class vibe goes unmatched, known worldwide as one of the most comfortable, non-competitive environments to train in.  Taught by Boogiezone Community members from around the world and the industry’s most sought after choreographers, the Boogiezone Community Class provides the physical platform for everyone to learn dance, interact and engage on a multitude of levels.


“To further bridge the gap between the Global Dance Community and Industry by providing a space where instructors and dancers from every background and with any skill level are welcome to meet, greet, inspire, be inspired, and learn in an inviting, and non-competitive, relaxed dance environment.”


In conjunction with establishing its reputation as an emerging online dance community website, Boogiezone also developed a strong reputation for organizing some of the best workshops and master classes.  In an effort to offer quality dance instruction to the masses on a more frequent basis, the first weekly Community Class was established at Focus Dance Center in Irvine, California on June 20, 2004. After just three short years, over a hundred teachers, and nearly a thousand students later, The Community Class Network was born. In November 2007, The Community Class concept was integrated into two more Southern California studios, Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra, and Hype Studios (Now Boogiezone Utopia) in Torrance.  As a result of duplicating the class concept and offering it in more locations, Boogiezone began to broaden its sphere of influence by offering a Contemporary Class counterpart. At it’s peak, The Boogiezone Community Class concept was offered in over 11 countries! This development eventually culminated in two physical locations:

“Boogiezone Utopia - Laboratory for the Creative Arts”

Tokyo, Japan (2010)
Torrance, CA (2011)


Today on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018 - on the verge of our 15th year anniversary of serving our Dance Community, the Boogiezone community class is back relaunches its program in hopes of bridging not only the cultural gap between dance communities around the planet, but the generations between those who have experienced the The Boogiezone Community Class back then with those who deserve to experience the class and the platform for opportunity now! 


Do you want to be a part of Boogiezone History? If you are interested in teaching a class, being a part of our staff, or want to collaborate or partner on some other level, please reach us!

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